Protect your home with Title FreezeTM

Use our patent pending process to lock up your property’s equity from being stolen by thieves

Secure Your Property's Equity Title Freeze™ locks down your title

Protect yourself and your hard earned equity by taking advantage of American Title Lock’s patent pending technology.

Stop Fraud Dead In Its Tracks Eliminates incentive for scammers

Our service hardens your title so criminals will never consider your property a  potential equity target to steal.

The Only Proactive Approach Title fraud alert services fall short

Don’t wait for a title fraud alert – protect your property’s equity with a Title Freeze™ so a criminal can never touch it.

Own A Property With Equity? You're A Target All it takes in one signature and all your property's equity could be gone

Grant Deed Theft

Criminal enterprises or lone wolves can easily determine target properties with equity – then simply forge and record a Grant Deed, transfer your property into their name, and then take out a large loan secured by your property with no intention of ever paying the loan back.

Quitclaim Deed Theft

One forged signature and the criminal can transfer your property into their name. Once your property is in their name, they will quickly sell or borrow money using your property as collateral while you’re left with legal bills and no equity.

About Us

After 25 years of real estate experience and seeing several clients go through the terror of having their home sold without their knowledge, pledged as collateral for a loan they did not obtain, and not know the first thing about how to resolve this unforeseeable crime, we were determined to help fight title fraud.

Our patent pending Title Freeze™ process eliminates the incentive for thieves to target your property.

Because of the 100% success rate for our own clients and their overwhelming positive experience, Title Freeze™ is now available to everyone in the United States. No longer do you have to worry or stress that your home or property, and its valuable equity, are susceptible to fraud.

Title Fraud Is Not Covered By

Your Bank

Legal Trust

Homeowners Insurance

Identity Theft Protection

Check Your Property's Exposure Calculate how much money is available for thieves to steal

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's title fraud (house stealing, property fraud, or deed fraud)?

Title fraud is when someone obtains your property’s title for financial gain. Usually this is done through stealing your identity and transferring ownership from your name to theirs – then they secure loans using your equity as collateral.

You would only find out about the fraud once the property has been transferred and you’re on the hook for a fraudulent loan, legal bills, and proving you’re a victim of identity theft to all the parties involved.

By securing your property with a Title Freeze™, the fraudster has no incentive to victimize you – they’ll move on to an easier target.

Are there other companies that provide the same protection as American Title Lock?

No. American Title Lock is the only company that provides Title Freeze™, our patent pending process that freezes the equity in your property and locks it from thieves.

Other title fraud alert services are reactive and notify you after you’ve become a victim. Your bank, homeowners insurance, or identity theft protection will not help prevent this fraudulent scheme from occurring.

Doesn't title insurance protect me?

Depends. When you bought your property, the lender required title insurance to ensure that the property had clean title. This lender’s title insurance will only protect your property before and up to the time of escrow closing – there’s no coverage for future events after escrow closes.

After you’ve closed escrow, your lender’s title insurance becomes inactive and typically you are required to purchase an owner’s title insurance policy. This insurance policy (like any insurance) has limitations and they’re profit driven so it is in their interest to deny claims if its possible. In addition to the expense and time of filing a claim, your equity can become tied up and it’s your responsibility to pay out of pocket legal fees to defend yourself if anything goes wrong. Plus you’ll have to go through the process of proving to everyone involved you were a victim of identity theft.

How often does title fraud occur?

There’s a variety of criminals which perpetuate this fraud – from sophisticated criminal enterprises (some made up of local mortgage or real estate brokers) to lone wolf scammers. It’s so wide spread because of how easy it is to pull off.

After working alongside FBI special agents and fraud unit detectives to catch criminals, we’ve learned there is no protective measures you can take besides securing your property with a Title Freeze™.